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Are you in the market to sell your graded GIA or AGS diamonds? Are you wondering if to sell online or possibly take a trip down to the NYC diamond district? Are you unsure what the true value of your diamond is? Are you looking to learn more about the different diamond value assessment calculators on the market? If you have answered yes to any of these question then you are in the right place. The Graded Diamonds Selling Guide was created to help steer people like you in the right direction by teaching you everything there is to know about buying, selling and grading diamonds. We will also link you up with the best places to sell diamonds online, like online diamond sellers for example, and of course in-person (for those who can bare the smell of a pawn shop or a west side Manhattan diamond shop).

Everyone has to wake up and smell the diamonds and realize that only online person to person selling can yield good results for a potential seller. It's simple, Pawn Shops and diamond stores are brokers, they are not an end user, This means that in order to make a profit and pay their rent they must offer you a low price for your goods. Ebay seemed like it would fix this issue and change the diamond selling industry but it did not work well due to a lack of trust with the system and skepticism about the grading. Companies like Diamond Lighthouse who have GIA graders on staff, open up your jewels on camera and then sell it to real people under their auspices solve all these problems. You can even accept or reject bids in real time.

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